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The Ormond Ski Club is a private club for past and present Ormond College Students, with bookings only open to Members and their guests. The club has about 250 principal members with an extra 250 or so family members. During the season, we go up and ski, board or sit in the lodge. The rates include meals, but we have do a chore each day to keep the lodge running. Chores range from cooking, to feeding dishes into the dishwasher after dinner, to making the sure the fire is going.

The Ormond Ski Club Lodge was built in the late 1960s by an avid bunch of skiers who wanted to have accommodation on the mountain so they could ski out of the front door. The Lodge was built by the original members who put their heart and souls into creating both the Lodge and the exceptional camaradarie that makes a stay at the Lodge such an enjoyable experience.

Everyone eats dinner together with the meals prepared by those rostered to cook - and it's an experience cooking for 38 people! The communal atmosphere of the Lodge provides a warm, friendly environment for the Members and their guests.

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